Answers for SQ1 リスニング挑戦ブログ #8

The vocabulary chosen are written below. The number refers to the frequency, or how often, the word appears in the TOEIC test according to the TOEIC list.

You can get access to that list yourself here.

passport 87th
appliance 91st
instructor 93rd
laptop 99th
attendee 105th
medication 111th
tenant 114th
departure 116th

  1. Could you show me your passport please?
  2. Does this appliance come with a warranty?
  3. Who is the instructor for this course?
  4. That laptop is on sale.
  5. Here’s the list of attendees for the conference.
  6. Did you remember to take your medication?
  7. Are you a new tenant?
  8. I’ll meet you in the departure lounge in ten minutes.