Answers for SQ1 リスニング挑戦ブログ #2

The vocabulary chosen are written below. The number refers to the frequency, or how often, the word appears in the TOEIC test according to the TOEIC list.

You can get access to that list yourself here.

conference – 2nd
vacation – 3rd
client – 4th
memo – 7th
reservation – 8th
logical – 9th
fax – 10th
sometime – 13th

  1. He’s cancelled his appearance at the conference next month.
  2. We’ll be in your area sometime in March.
  3. I have a client meeting at 4.
  4. Do you get paid vacation at your work?
  5. Reservation for two at 7:30pm. Non-smoking.
  6. That’s a logical conclusion to reach.
  7. Could you send us a copy via fax?
  8. The boss has sent a memo to the staff regarding this year’s bonuses.