Answers for SQ1 リスニング挑戦ブログ #4

The vocabulary chosen are written below. The number refers to the frequency, or how often, the word appears in the TOEIC test according to the TOEIC list.

You can get access to that list yourself here.

Supervisor – 15th
Candidate – 16th
Applicant – 31st
Technician – 33rd
Shipment – 41st
Infer – 42nd
Warranty – 45th
Correctly – 50th

  1. Can I speak to your supervisor?
  2. She’s the outstanding candidate for the position.
  3. What did you think of the applicant?
  4. We need to hire more technicians.
  5. When is the next shipment due to arrive.
  6. What can you infer from the sales figures?
  7. When will the warranty expire?
  8. The software wasn’t correctly installed.