Answers for SQ1 リスニング挑戦ブログ #7

The vocabulary chosen are written below. The number refers to the frequency, or how often, the word appears in the TOEIC test according to the TOEIC list.

You can get access to that list yourself here.

inventory – 63rd
postpone – 68th
merchandise – 74th
identification – 77th
umbrella – 70th
reschedule – 80th
replacement – 85th
renovation – 82nd

  1. Have you done an inventory check?
  2. Would you mind if we postponed the meeting until next Tuesday?
  3. They sell all kinds of merchandise.
  4. Do you have any identification?
  5. I never carry an umbrella.
  6. Could we reschedule?
  7. We’ll have a replacement part shipped to you immediately.
  8. The renovation of the main stand will be complete by next month.