SQ1 リスニング挑戦ブログ#6

This time we have a challenge for food lovers.

Step 1: Write the below sentences in a notebook.

Step 2: Watch the video.

Step 3: Listen carefully, and then fill in the gaps.

The rough time is written next to the sentence.

Good luck!

“I don’t think I’ll ___________ it until I see it on telly.” 0:01 – 0:04

“I’m __________ to go.” 0:05 – 0:06   

“We’re all newbies here. Well, apart from old __________ eyes.” 0:10 – 0:12

“I’ve got to make the __________ cream.” 0:21-0:22

“Is that __________ you’ve done __________?” 0:22-0:23

“I’m __________.” 0:23-24

“Oh __________!” 0:27-0:28

“The combination of flavours is __________.” 0:30-0:32

“That is __________.” 0:35

Check your answers here.

2 thoughts on “SQ1 リスニング挑戦ブログ#6”

  1. Hello Matt.
    It’s so difficult for me.
    I repeated this video maybe 20 times.
    1. believe …not confident
    2. ready … easy
    3. blue …easy
    4. butter … difficult
    5. something … a sixth sense
    6. I didn’t no idea.
    7. joking … probably
    8. wow … easy
    9. perfect … probably
    10. stunning … I didn’t know this word. I looked for this from th sound.
    It was dfifficult for me.

    1. Hello Kaz,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. 20 times! I admire your perseverance! Natural language use is often more difficult to hear. If you can’t hear it feel free to check the answers and then listen again so your brain knows what it is trying to hear.

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